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Electric cargo motorbike that can replace delivery vans

In 2020, we founded PNY with a fresh and ambitious vision for the last-mile delivery market in urban areas. Our goal was straightforward but significant: to enhance how deliveries reach their destinations, benefiting people, organizations, and the environment.

We set to rethink and replace not only traditional inefficient delivery scooter, but also bigger delivery vehicles.

Not a scooter with a box, but a box with a scooter, or in our case, a motorbike.

Advanced technology, engineering and design, along with an analysis of the main needs of delivery companies and couriers, are the basis on which we built PNY, with the aim of combining maximum efficiency, safety and comfort.

The carrying capacity of a spacious family car, alongside the obvious advantages of a two-wheeled vehicle.

We are here to improve Last-Mile Deliveries in cities

Evolution in consumer behavior and the rise of quick commerce, driven by consumers' desire for swift online order fulfillment, have led to a staggering global volume of over 400 million daily package shipments in 2023 alone.

In major cities across the globe, this challenge is particularly acute. It has given rise to an environment marked by traffic gridlock, parking shortages, and excessive congestion. Consequently, numerous countries have responded by imposing restrictions on environmentally harmful delivery vehicles within their city limits and implementing strict congestion-based taxation policies.

This paradigm shift underscores the pressing need for innovative solutions to revamp how businesses distribute their packages.

Our team

Given the urgent environmental concerns tied to climate change and the growing congestion in our cities, we believe that electric cargo motorbikes are a crucial part of the solution.

Our goal is simple but ambitious – we want to see PONIE P2 riders in each of the world's biggest cities, simplifying deliveries and reducing traffic. At the same time, we're dedicated to continuously developing and producing cutting-edge electric vehicles, helping to address the challenges of our time.

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